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Woman gets Laid-off and starts Lucrative Business Venture you definitely want to Join

Shannon Justice of


Her name is Shannon Justice.  She got laid off from her job as a Marketing Director and has begun a website business from her misfortune that looks more lie a revolutionary service-based venture.  Every woman will love her and become a frequent visitor within the next year. sends out as emails, Shopping lists showing people where they could save 60 to 90 % on grocery shopping costs.

TRUE MARKETERS ARE LIKE WARRIORS…The worse things get, the wiser we become!   It is always recommended to hire professional Marketing Consultants to guide you through your business ventures because we are always thinking forward and ahead.  But enough about us…back to the story!

If you don’t think this is a GREAT, SMART and Lucrative idea, you’re either Wealthy and don’t need savings of any sort…or you probably cannot read or understand English, so we will repeat this… sends out as emails, Shopping lists showing people where they could save 60 to 90 % on grocery shopping costs. There is a monthly subscription fee to be a member of the website but for the meager monthly charge, it is very well worth the membership to see so many emails with tons of savings on necessities!

Her lay-off might be her destiny to begin such a revolutionary idea to use this service and bring money-savers (everyone!) together to one place to save on the most important product in the world…GROCERIES!

Now that’s a SMART, bold business venture!  We predict this will become HUGE in 2010

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