Announcing New Service – Advertising Campaign Consulting #keadworksServices #Advertising #OnlineAdvertising

Have you been searching for the best ways to advertise online? Have you been nervous about advertising using Adwords and paying for clicks and impressions? Do you know what PPC and PPM mean? Are you able to track your dollars and see “Actual” results from your advertising? Do …
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Today’s Customer and “New Economy” – Monitor your Numbers Part 2 of 2

New economy customers will be extremely demanding, but not as tight-fisted as in previous years.  Your business must focus on what they want and combine it with what they need. The New Economy will not be as harsh as the previous recession economy, but this new economy will not be generous.  …
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Before You Start a Company #3 – Are you an Inventor or Entrepreneur?

Are you an Inventor or Entrepreneur?  An “Idea Thinker” or “Executioner”?  Do you always come up with the next great idea or are you on the list of people in the world that came up with an idea and actually went through the blood, sweat and tears to …
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Before you Start a Company #2 – Are you Ready to Let other People Down?

Starting a company is like being the captain of a ship with investors, employees and their families.  Risking your savings, investment or personal fortune on a business venture is easier than risking others’ fortunes and personal savings on your business venture.  They never usually understand the level of the risk being taken …
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