BAD NEWS FOR YOUR MARKETING – It’s getting too late! Read this now!

Take this shocking stat: 80% of sales leads are wasted, and 80% of sales’ time is spent cold-calling and prospecting. Isn’t this a shame in a world that has achieved such revolution and innovation? The world needs a MARKETING revenue revolution. Sales and marketing are becoming the least …
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Today’s Customer and “New Economy” – Monitor your Numbers Part 2 of 2

New economy customers will be extremely demanding, but not as tight-fisted as in previous years.  Your business must focus on what they want and combine it with what they need. The New Economy will not be as harsh as the previous recession economy, but this new economy will not be generous.  …
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Get Your Business Found Make Money for Less Pt 2 – SEO and Pictures

This post has no picture and as you keep reading, you would see why it is a very bad idea to have content on your website without inserting images.  You will also see what you may have been doing wrong while adding pictures to your current blog/website. Properly …
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Domain Name Game – Does your website domain name need to change?

The Domain Game  If you were running across the street to catch a cab, and yelled behind you the domain name of your website once to a bystander, will they remember the domain name 3 hours later?  Did you ever have to repeat your website to anyone more …
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