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Marketing Tool of the month – FOLLOWERWonk #KeadworksTools #KeadworksTips

Followerwonk is a great Twitter research tool to help you filter and meet reasonable and relevant contacts to grow your business. You can use Followerwonk to: Search twitter bios for any keyword, location and Names.  You can even display results according to the amount of friends and fans …
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Announcing New Service – Advertising Campaign Consulting #keadworksServices #Advertising #OnlineAdvertising

Have you been searching for the best ways to advertise online? Have you been nervous about advertising using Adwords and paying for clicks and impressions? Do you know what PPC and PPM mean? Are you able to track your dollars and see “Actual” results from your advertising? Do …
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PLS RT [VIDEO] Chef Rock tells you how to get on TV and Cook like a Real Chef

Watch this video (Look at 25:35) and hear Chef Rock’s secret to getting on Hell’s Kitchen and 2 Tips (TIP #1 – BUY His New Book HERE) to cooking great food for anyone! You can view this with your IPhone and IPad too! Buy Chef Rock Harper’s new …
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Have you seen this? The Most Beautiful Video on the Internet Part 1 #KeadworksClients

In this great video trailer, our lovely client Becky Lee of Becky’s Fund and “The Jubilee Project” (Another set of creative geniuses we met and creatively combined ideas for this video) have collaborated on creating “The Most Beautiful Video on the Internet” for this Valentine’s Day season.  They …
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Today’s Customer and “New Economy” – Monitor your Numbers Part 2 of 2

New economy customers will be extremely demanding, but not as tight-fisted as in previous years.  Your business must focus on what they want and combine it with what they need. The New Economy will not be as harsh as the previous recession economy, but this new economy will not be generous.  …
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Using these simple words will increase your business revenue

Unique writing style on your website or blog will make your business shine above the rest. When you follow generic writing trends of the industry, you are sending a message that your business is like everyone else; you are not clearly exhibiting the special services or products that your company offers. You must  stand out in the crowd …
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