3 festivals use 3 local companies to TRIPLE attendees this year

This year, 3 festivals in DC and Virginia, called upon 3 startup companies to increase their attendees and help promote their sponsors.  These festivals got much more than expected.  200,000+ attendees, 2.1million photos, moments and brands shared and 400 local businesses promoted. The festivals were the Washington DC …
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Could this change Events Forever? Part 4 of 4 – Nightlife Events

Imagine it’s 11pm on Friday night and you are driving through the city with friends trying to decide where to go and what nightlife event to attend.  You drive by several venues with lines outside and beautiful interior lighting you can view from the street, but you and your …
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Could this change Events Forever? – Part 3 of 4 – Conference Events #KeadworksProjects #Kojami

Let’s make conferences interesting again!! Imagine you’re a young professional traveling out of town to attend a conference for a huge organizational body of which you are a member.  You and a few other members are about to walk out of the hotel and no one happens to …
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Could this change Events Forever? – Search and Discover Events – Part 1 of 4 #KeadworksProjects #Kojami

Imagine if as a user you were able to pull out your mobile device anytime and instantly discover events around you that catered to your interests.  Imagine if you could view and interact with the event, experience these events in real-time, and instantly pass on the events profiles to …
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