BAD NEWS FOR YOUR MARKETING – It’s getting too late! Read this now!

Take this shocking stat: 80% of sales leads are wasted, and 80% of sales’ time is spent cold-calling and prospecting. Isn’t this a shame in a world that has achieved such revolution and innovation? The world needs a MARKETING revenue revolution. Sales and marketing are becoming the least …
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Announcing New Service – Advertising Campaign Consulting #keadworksServices #Advertising #OnlineAdvertising

Have you been searching for the best ways to advertise online? Have you been nervous about advertising using Adwords and paying for clicks and impressions? Do you know what PPC and PPM mean? Are you able to track your dollars and see “Actual” results from your advertising? Do …
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Great Marketing Tactic #28 – Ford Models

  In 2007, Ford Models notches up its brand awareness via YouTube.  It gets millions of hits on random short video clips of glamazons shopping and applying make-up in random stores in different cities.  


Before You Start a Company #3 – Are you an Inventor or Entrepreneur?

Are you an Inventor or Entrepreneur?  An “Idea Thinker” or “Executioner”?  Do you always come up with the next great idea or are you on the list of people in the world that came up with an idea and actually went through the blood, sweat and tears to …
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