Keadworks and Angie Goff – A Job well done, 2year run and counting

In this case study, we show you our great journey and 2 year relationship with a satisfied client Angie Goff.  Our company has handled her online web presence, social media consulting and even data mining.  Angie Goff, (formerly of WUSA 9 and now with NBC4), has been more than a client.  She has been a friend for most of the entire 2 year period with our company and is by far one of the most hard working, energetic and innovative women to meet.  She approached our company while previously employed at WUSA Channel 9 for a new website presence that will portray her vision and daily activity of herself and her news reporting online.  As an online and on air personality, she wanted to maintain a colorful website that was inviting and rich in content.

Our Challenge was to create a brand new online location for people to visit and not lose their advocacy to her colorful personality she maintained on air.  To solve this, we had to take important steps to study her fanbase and Angie Goff herself before beginning the design.

Strategy – We accomplished this by customizing a website blog for her from scratch and paid attention to detail regarding multiple elements like her favorite colors, aesthetic appeal, personal branding, ease of use and navigation etc.  We even had Angie sign on a napkin and superimposed the image onto the website as her graphic signature in the website header as seen below.

We successfully accomplished this with this website we designed and supported below for 17 months.  Angie Goff was able to directly call or email our technical team 24/7 and get a response swiftly for website edits, support and even web consultation for additional features she requested for the website and her social networks.







Angie then gave birth to her brand new jewel Adora.  She decided to simplify her online presence and increase the website’s loading speed and have most of her visitors have instant mobile access to its content from all the website’s categories.  Our web team came up with a sketch of two simplified versions that loaded 3 times faster via web and mobile and received great feedback from her loyal readers.  Her current new website has also increased its visitors and activity time by 45% on the average.


Today we are able to view the Mobile version by visiting on your mobile smartphone browsers .  In summary, we focused on the following points for Angie Goff over our 2 year commitment:


We installed and monitored her analytics daily to provide her with reports upon request.  We could even inform Angie a mapping of how the average user navigated through the website if requested in video format


We designed her graphics and images according to her liking and preference, even if she had to send us a sketch to bring to a professional point.

Mobile compatibility:

We created a mobile version of her website to deliver her website and blog content to anyone who accessed her website using any mobile phone – Iphone, Blackberry, Android or Windows phones.  This is very important because many of her readers visited the website on-the-go.

Social Media Marketing and Integration:

We integrated all her social networks to her website and content on each blog post for easy sharing and viral distribution of her content.  She also can call our consultants anytime for social media advice.

With a combined effort from our dedicated team of website designers, developers, social marketing strategists and her consistent client manager, Angie Goff today has an effective website that is mobile accessible and provides her most of what she needs to get her content easily and quickly delivered to anyone, anywhere and at anytime.  We wish Angie Goff the best in her new job position with NBC 4 and know she will only become much more successful with every year that goes by.

XX Keadworks team

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