Virginia Dentist giving more than just new smiles

Northern Virginia dentist Dr Alex Naini has proven over the past decade to be a “Giver of Smiles” to children, parents, business men and women, professional athletes in the NFL, MLB and MLS.  But this past 3 years she has provided more than just whiter smiles and brighter …
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Why you should drink a Pepsi while doing your laundry with Tide

Tide loads of Hope and Pepsi Refresh are two great marketing tactics we are very proud of.  With accessibility to millions of dollars for advertising, they decide to stomp decisions like paying over $2 million on 30 seconds of SuperBowl advertising (Pepsi) and decide to pump their advertising …
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Great Marketing tactic #200 – Domino’s Pizza – Our Last Pizza sucked Our new pizza Rules

A Great marketing tactic by Domino’s Pizza. “OUR OLD PIZZA SUCKED, NOW TRY OUR BRAND NEW PIZZA” Did their old pizza really suck?  What does this do?  Why is this ingenious?  Everyone will obviously want to know the difference between the previous pizza (if we can remember exactly what …
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Great Marketing Tactic #201 – The World Cup

After watching this video, you will have much more respect every single time you kick a soccer ball again.You would have never thought this much was put into the production of each soccer ball. This is a great marketing tactic as it leaves intense visuals in your head …
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Simple Yet Successful Business Idea #101 – HeadBlade.com

HeadBlade Inc. actually owns the Trademark for “LOVE HEAD” so be careful how you use these words Over 49% of all men in the United States are balding by the age of 30.  This is about 1 in every 2 men that have to shave their heads every …
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Simple yet Successful Business #100 – BeautifulPeople.com

Their niche? The gorgeous and Beautiful.  Their business model?  A guarantee you will look through a website and meet a beautiful person, which is a great start and major worry of subcribers in the dating website business.  If you are ugly, you will get kicked off!  Now isn’t that …
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