5 Reasons to attend and sponsor the Walk This Way Fashion show by Becky’s Fund this Thursday October 4

Walk this Way Fashion show Washington DC


Walk this Way Fashion show Washington DCBesides attending one of the most anticipated fashion shows in the Washington DC metro area, here are 5 reasons you should attend or activate your brand by sponsoring this event:



Unique annual theme changes every year
It was originally a swimming pool on a rooftop with models walking on water (a stage over the pool).  It then was a stage with Vintage Entrance and Exit doors within the extremely glamorous Andrew Mellon Auditorium as a venue.  This year it will be on the tennis courts of the Kastles stadium with another HUGE surprise as a stage that you must attend to see.  If you miss this year’s event, you will never experience such an event in the future.


Affordable ticket price
With tickets starting at $40, just about anyone can experience one of the top-ranked fashion shows in the nation’s capital.  You can also purchase VIP accomodation with tables and tickets available with a higher price range.  If you can go out casually to any venue in DC, you can easily attend this great fundraiser for a greater cause.


Incredible opportunity to expose your brand and company
With a larger venue and expected attendance, demographic age between 25 and 60, mostly affluent and active groups in the area, the attendees cover a wide range of money-spending and earning consumers.  This set of people in one place, strategically viewing placement of products and services throughout the venue, its program and ticket stubs, gives a great return of investment to every advertising sponsor and free items and sample gifts for attendees.


Technology will keep people connected before, during and after
Using social networks, mobile marketing, email marketing and the Becky’s Fund website, this organization is keeping thousands connected and entertained with event facts, updates and sponsors leading to event day.  During the event, “Live-Streaming” of the event’s activities and attendee conversations to mobile phones of the Becky’s Fund network and social networks will commence and keep many entertained and envious of not being in attendance.  Sponsors will also have their brands exposed to this interactive mobile network through the event.


The last but most Important reason – The Cause
1 in 3 people are affected by Domestic Violence throughout their lives.  This means for every 3 people you see today, you just virtually met a domestic violence victim.  This fundraiser brings color and hope to the issue, but there is still a lot more awareness to be done. Please subscribe to Becky’s Fund website HERE and stay tuned to news, articles and accomplishments to “share” to your networks to generate more awareness.

There are other reasons to attend this event, but we think these are the reasons worth highlighting.  See you on October 4th at 7pm at the Kastles stadium.  Buy your tickets HERE and join us for a night to remember …because we would be attending too!

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